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    Default Monitor brightness and contrast

    I bought a 28 inch monitor (1920x1200) so it's big. When I got it the brightness was at 100% and it was like looking at the sun. So I turn the brightness and contrast down to 35 because at 2 feet away you don't want it bright. It's like watching TV at 2 feet so it should be tone down. When I look at pictures they seem fine and the white borders seem more like white paper than a blinding monitor light. My question is should the brightness and contrast be the same or different or just a personal preference?
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    Default Re: Monitor brightness and contrast

    it's all up to personal preference. You might be able to find a setting reducing the screen brightness in terms of its lamp brightness aswell, many tv's have this.
    As long as you like what you're seeing, it's fine.

    Maybe write down your current settings and mess with them a bit to find one you REALLY like at some point.
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    Default Re: Monitor brightness and contrast

    Yeah, just go with personal preference.

    From what I've read elsewhere, the tiny fluro tubes that are used to illuminate flat screens are prone to fairly rapidly losing a lot of their intensity - so you may find you want to bump these settings a bit higher again as the months pass by.

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    Default Re: Monitor brightness and contrast

    With most monitors, Brightness sets how bright the black level is and Contrast sets the White level.

    And yes, it's all down to preference. There are a number of sites on the web that display charts to help you calibrate your monitor to ideal viewing conditions.
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