This afternoon I had a phone call from someone apparently from Windows Worldwide Service. He spoke with an Indian accent and said he was phoning to help sort out the problem I have been having with my computer.

He asked me to look in run: inf and run: eventvwr and told me all the warnings and error messages were very bad viruses. He then took me to run: cmd and gave a command I can't remember which brought up my CLSID. He then told me my CLSID correctly and said I should open internet explorer and go to and enter my 6 digit code. I explained I did not have a six digit code so he showed me how to find my windows system code and which six digits to use. I entered these and got invalid code. He then started to explain that in order to get a new code because the old one had expired because my computer was full of viruses I had to agree to a six month or one year contract and which did I want.

At this point I freaked and said goodbye.

Does anyone know what this is about?

I have a vague memory of windows sending an error report a few weeks ago, perhaps I put my phone number in it.

I should have asked how he got my phone number but I doubt I would have got a useful answer - he was presumably at a call centre in India reading the instructions off a screen rather than a real person who knew what he was talking about.

I have since checked a few of the terrible warnings and errors and they seem entirely innocent - things like failing to connect to a hard drive which I knew about or failing to connect to a server. So no big deal. I run Zonealarm and AVG and windows update on my XP machine.

As far as I can tell my machine is fine and the call was an excuse to sell me some sort of service contract.

Any thoughts or similar experience anyone?