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    Default Installing Win 98 full Version

    Thanks for your prompt reply to initial query on 4/09/01 I have transferred all applications to the D: partition of my HD and am about to uninstall the upgrade of Win 98 then uninstall Win 95 from the C: partition. Should I format the C; partition before installing Win 98 full version CD, and if so will it boot ok and follow with the setup automatically or do I need to use a boot disk?
    Or don't format and just install Win 98?
    Thanks again for your assistance.

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    Default Re: Installing Win 98 full Version

    Win 98 *should* boot from the CD if you have the CD in the drive when you boot your computer. THen you can install straight from the CD, without the need of a bootdisk.

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    Default Re: Installing Win 98 full Version

    Before you remove windows, check that you can either boot from the windows cd (may need to modify the BIOS settings) or have a boot disk that can access it.

    There is no need to uninstall windows since its being wiped anyway, just format C:.

    If you don't uninstall, then you will still have a mess of old win95/98 files on your computer.

    When you format (from a boot disk) use the /S switch.
    Something like:
    FORMAT C: /Q /S

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