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    Default Switching Hard Drives

    I blow away a computer so I'm taking the Hard Drive out and putting it into another computer. From a AMD 3000 to a AMD 3800 and all it does in re-boot. I put in the XP CD and tried to do a repair but it didn't work or I didn't do it right. Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: Switching Hard Drives

    Reinstall windows on it

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    Default Re: Switching Hard Drives

    If you move a hard drive with an operating system on it into a machine with a different motherboard then most times Windows will want a re install due to different drivers being needed.

    Boot off the Windows CD, Format and reinstall. Then install motherboard drivers.

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    Default Re: Switching Hard Drives

    Was it a repair install, or run through the recovery console ?

    Not all repair installs will allow the OS to boot if you have it on an existing drive, and change the major hardware (motherboard etc)

    It more than likely rebooting as he drivers are not compatible between the the boards/OS = BSOD.
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    Default Re: Switching Hard Drives

    Yeah, the trick is to make sure your BIOS boots from the CD before trying to start from the hard dissc.

    If it's doing it the other way around you'll get nowhere, unless safe mode will allow you to boot into Windows.

    Be prepared to have to re-activate/authenticate Windows.

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