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    Default Google Docs/spreadsheet/calendar/sync/change format help!

    I’m on a bit of a mission here…I’m not even sure if it’s possible to achieve this using Google calendar/apps or not, I’ll leave it for you guys to decide that. Here’s the situation.

    A client of mine who runs a trucking business has a daybook – a page for each day – where he writes in info about pickups/drop offs. He wants to move this from a physical book infront of him to a sharable/syncable format on his notebook - probably in Google Docs or Google calendar.

    He basically wants the format of a spreadsheet, in a syncable calendar format – time of day doesn’t matter, he just wants to be able to click on a day in the calendar and be presented with the spreadsheet template he’s created and the jobs for that day.

    The ideal setup would be that he was able to import his spreadsheet from Google Docs directly into Google calendar – and each day would be a fresh copy of the template.

    Google Docs is all good for what he wants apart from the calendar aspect – it’s too difficult for him to navigate between dates – and each new day would mean creating a new tab with that date on it – not efficient enough.

    If anyone has any bright ideas on how to get this to work – or knows of another way please do let me know, I’m rather stuck on this one!

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