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    I decided to clean my CD-Rom drive with a new 'Teac CD Laser Lens Cleaner'. 'Developed for CD, CD ROM & TV Game's Players'.

    I put the cleaner into the drive as dictated by the instructions.

    No sound came out even after the speakers were turned on, (initially my speakers were turned off - my mother's trying to save electricity), the hard drive light stayed on and the CD light 'pulsed.' This went on for about three minutes. I couldn't eject the CD, and double clicking on the CD icon resulted in a 'CD unavailable - retry or cancel' error message.

    I restarted the computer (Start-Restart) and also Shutdown the computer (Start-Shutdown. The CD light continues pulsing when starting or shuting down, the only time it stops is when it has no power. The hard drive light is now acting normally. Also now the computer doesn't recognise the CD drive and has allocated the CD-RW drive as drive E. Originally my 4GB hard drive was partitioned into drive C & D and the CD-Rom drive E and CD-RW drive F.

    I still can't get the CD-Rom to open, or the light to stop pulsing.

    Any suggestions

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    Hi Sereena, Get a paper clip & straighten it, then stick it into the tiny hole in the front of the CD drive (usually under the drive door) - this should release the mechanism.

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    Hi Sereena,To manualy open cd-rom there should hopefully be a small hole at the front where you can use a paper clip or similar to open it.
    cheers steve

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    If you hesitate to open the cd-rom manually u mite want to try this...
    go to <my computer>, right click on the CD ROM icon and choose eject, normally it should come out in around 20 secs. Have you tried pressing the eject button rite at boot-up?

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