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    Default Re: New HDD not working

    Quote Originally Posted by blanco View Post
    OK Guys, looks like a compatibility issue and I have a spare 250 GB for possible future use. Unless, Fujitsu can suggest a way for the comp to run with it. Thanks all.
    One option is, if you cant return it for a refund, buy a 2.5" SATA 2 enclosure, then you can use it as a (styley) external drive
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    Default Re: New HDD not working

    Most SATA 300 drives should be able to automatically re-negotiate to SATA 150 speeds.

    If the drive does not have a jumper to change this setting, you can often change it in the drive's firmware using the manufacturer supplied configuration program.

    I would also run HDAT2 and check SMART attributes, in the event that there IS actually a fault with the drive...
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    Default Re: New HDD not working

    Did the OP install the motherboard chipset drivers, I see he did Audio etc, but didnt say chipset....some of the new drive have a jumper to help with re-aligning the drive for 4k, and some have jumpers to force the drive to run in SATA 150, BUT this is only required if the controller wont support SATA 300..The fact the PC is running suggests its ok, and its a config issue
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