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    Angry My Monitor keeps cutting out

    My computer has been stored for a few months and now it wont start up in normal mode anymore. I had removed a browser hijacker back in January (with the help of a help site) before it was stored and it was operating fine.

    Now if I try to start in normal mode, Windows XP Pro tries to start and then the monitor signal is lost. I have tried a few monitors with the same result, but if I start up in safe mode it works fine but the resolution in safe mode sucks. The monitor I now have is quite new. Could I have a virus again ?

    Not sure where to start, wont be able to run a Hijack This log file on it as it does not stay on long enough to do that.

    Any ideas ?

    aka Indygurl

    PS I have been waiting for weeks for the Geek Police site to help, one of your members suggested trying this site for help instead.

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    Default Re: My Monitor keeps cutting out

    Probably the graphics driver. Is it a separate graphics card or built in to the motherboard?
    Either way, go to the manufacturers website and download the latest driver (ATI or Nvidia if separate card) or whoever your motherboard manufacturer is for onboard.

    Boot using Safe Mode with networking so you can use the net and still get into Windows.
    Install it, and reboot and see what happens then.
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    Default Re: My Monitor keeps cutting out

    Thanks for the quick reply. My video card is not part of my motherboard. It was replaced in 2007 when I moved to another province. Then I drove it from my home to a locker for a few months. Do I have to replace the dam video card everytime the computer is driven anywhere ? This is going to be an expensive problem over time then. Perhaps I need to invest in a better video card that can handle travelling in my car ?

    So my computer can still operate in safe mode with networking but my video card can still be the problem ? It won't matter which monitor I hook it up to then as I woulf prefer to keep the new HP one. I know my pc is kind of older but it was operating fine in January. I do not have all my programs to format it yet or I would do that. Still trying to work on getting a copy of my MS Office program back from an ex bf. I have a copy of XP Home to use but it is running XP Pro right now, same as my laptop is.

    The tech in BC put the video card into a new slot that is a pain to get to. But since I have all my wireless stuff still installed back there, not much choice in the slot to use.

    It was working fine throughout 2008 and 2009. I cannot afford to even buy a new video card at the moment. Any ideas on which video card is not too expensive but may handle the moving of the computer. I have moved a lot and have never had this problem before.

    aka Indygurl

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    Default Re: My Monitor keeps cutting out

    Do you have a different video card than before?

    From my experience, when I was building my PC (everything was new), the NVIDIA 9600GT would cut off every so - few times per min or every couple of mins, I swapped it to a ATI card and not had an issue.

    The shop tested the card but couldn't fault it.

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    Default Re: My Monitor keeps cutting out

    If your card/monitor combo was working before the move, then possibly you have a connection problem with the card that doesn't manifest unless the native driver is using all the acceleration goodies, as opposed to the basic VGA driver that Safe Mode uses.

    You could try things like making sure the card is seated properly in its slot, or try turning off hardware acceleration in the Troubleshoot tab in the adapter's Advanced Settings (off the Display Properties from Control Panel or via right-clicking the desktop). Failing that, I'd recommend going with pctek's idea - reinstall or update the card's drivers.
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    Default Re: My Monitor keeps cutting out

    Or maybe your 'normal windows' mode is trying to operate at a resolution or refresh rate that your current monitor doesn't support. Drivers, as already mentioned are your first step, however, you could try this as well...

    While in safe mode, try re-configuring the display settings to low spec... wind down the resolution, colours and the refresh rate (60 Hz is pretty universal) and see if this gets you into 'normal' windows. Then you can try raising each spec until you either get what you want, or stumble upon the problem.

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