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    Default Best wifi option for 2 story house

    a friendly is currently having problem receving wifi signal on his top floor when his main modem router dsl 604g is on the bottom level. what do you guys suggest to get.
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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    There are only four ways to increase the received signal.

    Increase sending power (more powerful router signal)

    Increase receiver sensitivity

    Use a better transmit aerial

    Use a better receive aerial

    Or a combination of any two, three or all four of the above.

    Making sure the upper and lower aerials are both vertical might help, or at least ensuring that they are aligned in the same fashion, as cross-polarisation also reduces signal pickup.


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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    Before wireless they had these things called cables. They provide 100% perfect connection no matter where you are located.

    Honestly, I would really suggest they use ethernet. It will be so much more reliable.
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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    Try changing the orientation of the aerials. What material is in between the router and the user device? Metal reinforcing in flooring / walls etc?
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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    Wireless can be just as reliable and even better than Ethernet, but there are limits to both. use and increase the Tx (transmit power) value by say 10. also by receiving problems do you mean low signal strength?
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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    *Can* be but rarely isn't.

    Also, increasing the power by 10mw when you have a 2 or 3db antenna is an improvement of almost nothing.

    Whats your budget for this venture?

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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    Once again I will mention the airport extreme base station. It has been totally faultless in the 3 years I have had it. No problems at all in our two story residence. Yes it is at the upper limit money wise.
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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    Rather than having the antenna pointing straight up try tilting it on an angle.
    Won't make much difference but may be just enough.
    Those D-Links have crap signal too though so getting a decent wireless router is what I would do.

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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    Anyone who knows anything about radio knows to go from one story to another you put the antenna into the horizontal position.
    We have a 3 story house and get excellent wireless connections throughout.
    Using a Netgear router but the D-Link previously used was just as effective.

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    Default Re: Best wifi option for 2 story house

    EoP - something like this.

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