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    Default Mah-jong Solitaire

    Can anyone direct me to a site that has a free download of Mah-jong Solitaire that will run on Win98se?

    Google has produced endless online sites and a few that won’t work with Win98se.

    A couple that I downloaded for trial secretly installed toolbars and all sorts of tracking cookies which really pleased me.

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    Default Re: Mah-jong Solitaire

    This says it works with 98. Its free to download, but its not free forever. But it looks like there's only one game in it. Until you register it

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    Default Re: Mah-jong Solitaire

    I play this one.
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    Default Re: Mah-jong Solitaire

    Do you want a free download or a free program?

    This one works on Win98 SE, XP and Win7

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