I have recently purshaced a Rolodex (rex) personal organiser. It requires that I have a docking station connected to the com 2 port of my desktop. The problem is that my modem is connect to the com 2 port (as is normal) and when I go to Synchronize (down load to the docking station) it tells me that I have not connected it. I am useing the 25 pin plug (with a 9 pin adaptor). Do the adapters give problems? I also have the problem that the PnP bios in the Device manager (under system devices) has a yellow circle beside it with a exclimation mark in it. The PnP facility has worked in the past. The on board serial port 2 in the bios is disabled but hasn't proved a problem in the past either. Do I have to go somewhere to enable the com 3 port? Can I move the modem to com 3 (as the software for the docking station only has a drop down option box with only the com2 option in it).

Please help!

Matt Johnston