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Thread: Hoyts Rewards

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    Angry Hoyts Rewards

    Anyone joined up to the Hoyts Rewards Program?

    I went to the movies last night and before the main feature there was an advertisement for Hoyts Rewards.
    The advertisement stated "points for every dollar you spend"

    I buy all the tickets in my family (and we go quite often) so I thought it would make sense to get "points for every dollar I spend"

    I purchased the Hoyts Reward pack and took it home.
    On reading the fine print on the back of the pack I find:
    "Points may only be earned on either one Adult ticket or one Student
    ticket or one Senior ticket per card / per transaction / per session,
    plus an unlimited number of Child tickets."

    So even though I buy 4 adult tickets I only get points for one ticket. Doesn't sound like "points for every dollar you spend"

    I'm a bit ticked off....!!
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    Default Re: Hoyts Rewards

    Don't have a Hoyts here

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    Default Re: Hoyts Rewards

    Take it back and ask for your money back then report them to Fair Go and/or the ComCom for misleading advertising.

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    Default Re: Hoyts Rewards

    If you were not told of the terms and conditions and there was no opportunity to read them before purchase then go back and ask for a refund.

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    Default Re: Hoyts Rewards

    If there are restrictive conditions, they are obliged to draw them to your attention prior to purchase.

    I had an experience with the revolving restaurant in Auckland years ago - I went to pay on leaving, to be advised that they do not accept cheques.
    Where is the notification of that condition - there was none - It had to be prominently displayed at the reception point and on the menu - It wasn't - They were obliged to accept my cheque - it became a matter of principal.

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