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    Default Re: dual booting with x32 and x64 os?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sum1 View Post
    so i can run a x86 os on a virtual machine in a x64 windows? cause im really way too lazy to partition my hd
    yes that is fine, no probs

    In fact you could dual boot without partitioning your HDD by using the native Boot VHD feature in Windows 7, install into a VHD (virtual hard drive) that is just a file on your existing partition


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    Default Re: dual booting with x32 and x64 os?

    Quote Originally Posted by GameJunkie View Post
    i installed a game designed for W95(fury 3) in xp mode, wouldnt install in 64bit ultimate and it works fine.

    it should for you
    I got Fury3 to run under 7x64 by just copying the contents of the CD into a directory and running the executable itself. Bypassing the whole installation aspect.

    Sorry for the bump. I'm just reading some old threads for no particular reason.

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