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    There have been recent items about deleting the content of index.dat which seem complicated. What I have been doing is in windows explorer, going to 'cookies', right clicking 'index', opening it with notepad, selecting all the contents and pressing delete. Then I close index. there are a series of three warnings which I answer appropriately, and then when I open index again it appears to be empty. Have I cleared it, or am I fooling myself and it is really still all there?

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    Unfortunately index.dat files cannot be deleted within windows. In Windows explorer if you right click that 'empty' cookies folder, (History, or Temp Internet folders as well) and select properties you'll see they are far from empty.

    As you probably already know, if you have Win9x select Start\Shutdown\Restart in MS DOS mode. Now (assuming you have IE 5.x) at the DOS prompt - to properly delete history type: del c:\windows\history\history.ie5\index.dat

    To delete cookies type: del c:\windows\cookies\index.dat

    To delete temporary internet files type: del c:\windows\tempor~1\content.iet\index.dat

    Type Exit when finished. Note also that there is a space between the del & c:\ etc.

    However if you are looking for a way to uncomplicate things in Win9x just add the above commands to your autoexec.bat file for auto deletion during startup: Start\Run\Sysedit - add each command on a seperate line to the Autoexec.bat file, betweenn the echo commands.

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    Hi Paul

    I read the article in the Herald on 20/8/01 and checked out the Index.dat file on my Win98 Computer in DOS. It had 28,ooo lines of rubbish in it, which I deleted. It took an age to scroll through it!

    My WinME machine, which is only about three months old, already has over 3Meg of memory tied up in index.dat. But how do I clear it with WinME?

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    Graham sorry for the delay in writing. I don't have WinME but according to the following should work:

    One way to delete your index.dat files is by logging on as a different user. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel and launch the Users applet (if Users isn't visible, click the view all Control Panel options link on the left side of Control Panel).

    If your system doesn't already have more than one user setting, this approach will bring up the Enable Multi-user Settings Wizard. As you walk through the wizard, create the User name noindex and don't enter a password. On the Personalized Items Settings page, check Downloaded Web pages. When you're finished with the wizard, Windows will ask whether you want to restart your system. Answer in the affirmative.

    Windows will log you off, and then log you back on as 'noindex'. Once Windows is running, select Start, Log Off noindex and log back on as yourself. Windows will tell you that you haven't logged in with this name before--click Yes, then log off and back on again with the user name 'noindex'.

    Now you can delete all index.dat files except those intended for the user 'noindex'. Since 'noindex' doesn't surf the Web, these index.dat files won't grow. When you're done, log off and then back on again as yourself.

    Good Luck - Paul

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    Thank U for comment about index.dat, I really appreciate it.

    BUT! U had said that this would apply to IE 5.x, however I have an IE 6. So, will it matter too greatly?

    If it does then could U please tell me how to delete the index.dat files?

    THANK U!!!!!!!


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