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Thread: hauppauge wintv

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    Default hauppauge wintv

    i got a wintv-pvr-150 from my friend, and installed it into my pci slot today. the problem is that windows doesnt load when the card is installed, but when the card isnt in there windows loads perfectly fine.

    any possible fixes?

    im running win 7 x64 bit, 4gb ram (3.87 used), 2.66 ghz processor intel core 2 duo.

    any other questions please ask.

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    Default Re: hauppauge wintv

    According to this you cant use 4 GB or more with Vista or Win7 x64. Dont know if thats why it wont boot. Since you're using 4 GB

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    Default Re: hauppauge wintv

    im using 3.87 gb.... technically not 4? aha

    i dunno it worked on my friends computer and i KNOW he has 4 gb.

    ill call tech support tomorrow as they are closed right now, but if anyone else knows whats going on just let me know please.

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