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    Default Reset Bios Password

    I have an oldish computer with AMIBIOS that was passworded by the assembler, who is now out of business. Can anybody tell me how to reset the BIOS password on a MG Product Socket 5 M/b, MG-586PCI02?

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    Default Re: Reset Bios Password have a couple of bios password crackers listed.

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    Default Re: Reset Bios Password

    Another good one is Killcmos, from:
    This wipes out the user writable part of the cmos. It does not reprogram the bios like a flash writer. Good for getting into password protected computers at auctions for testing!
    Be aware that your anti-virus program will spit some of these utils out as there is code that writes to the bios.

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    Default Re: Reset Bios Password

    Just thought I would check the above link, and others to killcmos, and found it and many others are dead, maybe because there is widespread fear it is a trojan?
    Anyway this link still works:

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    Default Re: Reset Bios Password

    If all else fails:

    Remove the cmos battery for 12 hours (this will wipe all BIOS settings). Or, look for a set of open jumpers near the battery. Close them and swicth on. Most motherboards have a 'clear cmos' jumper on the board - usually near the BIOS chip, the battery or the Power connectors. Try to locate the motherboard layout on the web for exact location of the jumper.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Reset Bios Password

    Terry I downloaded killcmos from the site you mentioned (below), and my virus checker states its a virus. Is this just because of its virus like activity & can I safely ignore the warning?

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    Default Re: Reset Bios Password

    I havn't checked the program, but from the description above I think the error is a general warning of a program trying to write to the cmos.

    Also the above description of how it works sounds a little excessive to reset the password.

    Removing the battery and unplugging to 10 seconds works for me, and the reset jumpers failing that that.

    If you have an ATX psu, then you will have to unplug from the mains as well, as it supplies power to the bios even when the comp is off.

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    Default Re: Reset Bios Password

    Killcmos will certainly be detected as a virus as it writes to the bios. It probably should only be used as a last resort and certainly dont play with it on your own computer or you may lose your bios. Removing battery is the safer option. Killcmos is if you want a quick solution without opening up the box.

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