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    Default How do I disable my virus checker?

    I am going to do my first defrag. I have been told that I must first disable the virus checker. How do I disable my virus checker please and get it back later (after the defrag).
    I have a small 'lightning' icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen , which reads
    PC-cillin 98 1/0 scan monitor
    Can anyone help please? Is there anything else I should do as well?
    Jeff J

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    Default Re: How do I disable my virus checker?

    I don't use that particular scanner, but both McAfee and Norton allow you to right click their icon and select 'disable auto protect' or 'exit' to stop the scanner. Give it a go.

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    Default Re: How do I disable my virus checker?

    Sorry: one more thing. Disable your screen saver. Either right click your desktop & select properties or goto [My Computer] [Control Panel] [Display Settings]. On the screen saver tab, select NONE from the drop down list, click [Apply] then [OK]

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    Default Re: How do I disable my virus checker?

    I do not have PC-cillan but to disable my virus checker all I do is right click the icon in the system tray and and select exit. It should restart again when you next start your computer or you should be able to start it from the start menu.

    I cannot think of anything else you would need to do before you run a defrag and typically I do not disable my virus checker, it hasn't appear to affect it before.

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    Default Re: How do I disable my virus checker?

    Assuming you are running a version of Windows 98.....

    The very best way to do a DeFrag is to run Scandisk first to ensure the Hard disk has no invalid long file names, reporting the free space incorrectly or no lost clusters etc....

    Then... Reboot....

    As your computer is booting and just after the text screen press F8. This will bring up a menu if you do it at the right time which will allow you to boot in safe mode.

    DeFrag from safe mode. This will make sure that the operating system will not try to write to the disk while it's being defragged.

    If you cant get into safe mode... Just boot your computer normally... When finished booting press CTRL, ALT, DEL just once. Close all programs one at a time shown in the menu with the exception of Explorer and Systray.

    Then do the DeFrag.

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