I have a PC that is about 8 years old that I used for various things. Mainly downloading and leave it to itself. It has been getting rather flakey the last few weeks with it not booting up first thing. It would get to various stages of the boot and then drop back and restart.
First I thought it may have been a virus or corrupt file that I could not find but I went to reinstall XP from scratch and it failed again while formting the drive and would not restart at all. This narrowed it down to the power supply which I changed and it fired up fine. Reinstalled XP SP2 no problems then installed the SP3 that I had already downloaded.
Now the problems begin.

The machine will not connect to the internet properly. The network itself is fine as I can ping almost anything including machines on the internet. The issue is that it will not go out to the DNS and get the IP addresses. The real strange thing that it will sometimes. If I run Windows Update I can get about 1/3 of the updates. The rest fail due to not being able to connect due to the above.

All my setting for the network card are correct as I have 4 other PC's set up exactly the same way except for the IP address. I have setup up 8 computers now and never had this problem and this same PC was working fine with the same settings before I reformatted it. It is not the network card because I have a seperate card and it does the same. Have tried DHCP data from my router (my laptop uses this method) and same result.
Firewall On/Firewall Off no change.

It is only the DNS because as I said I can type in an IP address and it works fine. Use a name though such as www.google.co.nz and it is about a 70/30 chance that it will fail.

It is real frustrating I tell you.

Anyone with any thoughts?