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Thread: Radeon 5830

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    Default Radeon 5830

    Does anyone have pricing details on this yet??

    Im looking forward to the end of march, Nvidia's cards will be out and so will the 5830 . According to a playtech employee this should thus bring down the 5850's price also... (I HOPE!!!)

    Good times ahead I suppose...
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    Default Re: Radeon 5830

    Not sure on the NZ price, but if anything I doubt the 5850 price would come down by much if at all when the 5830 does arrive. NZ always gets crap pricing often not reflecting what overseas countries get.

    Besides, the 5830 is a crap performer in regards to its price tag.

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    Default Re: Radeon 5830

    Unless it's faster than the 4890 for cheaper, I doubt it will help much.

    it's probably too slow to handle DX11 anyway... so might as well just get the HD4890 anyway...
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