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    Default excel cell selection

    I experience an intermittent problem when selecting cells in a worksheet.
    The mouse goes into select mode, selecting all cells it passes over. Nothing else works, the only solution is to use task manager to shut down.
    Any clues.

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    Default Re: excel cell selection

    Hi Don,

    Possibles: -
    Worn out mouse with an oversensitive click, had a similar situation where the damn right mouse button kept activating itself, thank heavens for ctrl Z. This was due to a lose button. Nothing for it but to retire the mouse and buy a brand new one.

    Or you could update your mouse driver.

    Hope this helps let me know how you get on.


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    Default Re: excel cell selection

    I have seen the following happen before;if you're using a wheel mouse, the wheel can act as a third button and can be pressed down to lock the scroll/select. Pressing again will release.

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