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    Default A major WHS problem - can anyone help?

    Hi guys,

    We run a dedicated WHS machine at home with dual Seagate 1TB SATA HDD's. The machine is less than 1 year old and has performed daily backups of all 8 machines on our home network flawlessly. Until today.

    I am no PC tech, but it looks as if the drive that has the WHS OS has failed as I cannot boot the machine. Sometimes I can see both HDDs in the BIOS, othertimes, I can see only one of them.

    On boot up, I get a couple of error messages such as:

    - A disk read error has occured
    - Disk Boot failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter

    I am guessing that WHS has no safe mode (or at least I cant find it in my startup/BIOS). Is there anyway of getting the server to boot? Thankfully, I back up the Server monthly to an external HDD..... and I had data duplication enabled so hopefully most of the data is still on the one good drive left int he machine.

    Any ideas guys? Where to from here? reinstall the WHS OS?

    EDIT: Should also mention, the PC runs MSE antivirus, although it has no web browser, and showed no symptoms of impending failure. Was working last night, but was dead when we got home. PC is kept in a cool room with no heat issues.

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    Default Re: A major WHS problem - can anyone help?

    Any idea if these seagate drives had the dodgey firmware on them?
    Otherwise it sounds like one of the drives has died.
    If it is the system drive then you won't be able to boot in safe mode.
    You will need to get a replacement and replace it.
    Then I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of booting off the whs disc and during the setup you select that you are doing a restore rather than a new install. It will ask you to connect the backup drive and it will do its thing.

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    Default Re: A major WHS problem - can anyone help?

    Cheers Cyabro,

    I had this feeling as I kept hitting restart and the same error message popped up. Also, within the BIOS, I can now only see one of the HDD's... so yup, it looks like the HDD with the WHS OS partition on it is history....

    Can I return the Seagate drive under warrnaty or is it not worth the hassle?

    Also nakes me wonder, if you did'nt have Folder duplication enabled on your WHS and this happened, would you lose some or all of your data? I am just glad I have the external server backup...

    Cheers mate,

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    Default Re: A major WHS problem - can anyone help?

    As I understand it, if you add HDDs in WHS it just adds it to the storage pool and your D: just keeps getting bigger. You can't partition it yourself as you normally can.
    Then, as you add data, WHS puts it on the first HDD then when that starts to get full (around 75% I think) it automatically moves data around to the other drive so that one drive doesn't get full.
    If you enable folder duplication then WHS will make sure that those folders are on both HDDs so if one fails then you still have a backup.
    It seems to be completely random as to what files go on what HDD as I have found with my WHS box.
    I have a movies folder that isn't duplicated, because it is just too big, and when one of my HDDs stopped working I could still see all the movie files but some just wouldn't play.
    When I got the drive working again (it was the HDD controller that failed not the HDD itself luckily!) those files just started working again.

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    Default Re: A major WHS problem - can anyone help?

    Quote Originally Posted by NZMacka View Post
    Can I return the Seagate drive under warrnaty or is it not worth the hassle?
    For sure, hassle? What hassle? Why throw it - they have a 3 yr warranty.
    wipe your paws.

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