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    Hi Guys,

    We just purchased a really nice HP Laptop for work that came with a Win7 64 Bit OS. The machine runs like a dream, and is really handy for work with its touch screen etc. Very pleased etc etc...


    We want to use our new WLAN mapping software on the machine (which works sweet on our older XP and Vista laptops) and of course, it will install OK in Win7 32 Bit but not 64 Bit.... the manufacturer currently does not have a Win7 64 bit version of the software....

    Does anyone have any workarounds for this? We thought we might get away with running it in XP mode, but of course, the installed Home Premium version does not have XP do we just need to buy Win 7 Ultimate to get XP mode, or should we downgrade to a 32 bit Win 7 version?

    Any thoughts much appreciated.


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    You need Win7 Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate, for it to support XP mode.

    And a CPU that supports virtualization may help. XP mode isnt part of the above either. You download it from here. Its 481 mb. Normal virtual software may work.

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    you can get XP mode to work very easy on Home pre - done it many times -- Download VMlite Workstation You have to register, but its free - then go off to MS and download XP Mode - when you select your version, select Professional ( or above) and what ever bit you have 32 /64. ( you dont need the smaller Virtual PC)

    Install VMlite, then load in the XPmode download -- and you are now running XP Mode.

    The VMlite means you DONT have to have a CPU that supports virtualization either. The Manual shows how to set it up, simple as falling off a log.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NZMacka View Post
    We want to use our new WLAN mapping software on the machine
    this likely needs special wifi drives to work it's magic, this maybe a problem in VMware or even XP-mode.

    and it won't run in win7-64 due to 32-bit drivers.
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    Cheers Wainuitech, I'll give that a go.... nothing to lose at this stage, so fingers crossed. Otherwise I guess we are up for anothert $400

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    Default Re: Windows 7 - XP mode...

    Similar issue

    I have a new laptop that I'm setting up for work and had the choice when starting it up of Win 7 Home premium 32 or 64 bit. I went with 64bit which it's installed however I have one program I need to use that uses a single wire USB device and the 32bit driver is not supported.

    I've created the backup disks for the laptop ( Toshiba ), can I reinstall the OS and choose the 32Bit version or does Wainui's link to the XP compatibility solve this problem?
    The program runs fine, it's a hardware issue and I need to be able to install this USB device.
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