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    Default The best registry cleaner?

    For those that use them... for those who do not, or believe they are unnecessary, I understand..

    But I'm wanting to know some opinions and other people's perceptions on them. Whether you use them, and what differences they make.

    I've always used Registry Mechanic 8, plus of course CCleaner but it doesn't pick up as much as other products.

    However I've looked up a bit, reviews state:

    I've given Advanced System Optimizer a go, it ain't bad. I might switch to that.

    I personally find registry cleaners very effective on older machines, or those used a lot. I find they certainly speed up start up times, and opening programs.
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    Default Re: The best registry cleaner?

    ccleaner works just fine for me.

    have used glary but im sticking with ccleaner
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    Default Re: The best registry cleaner?

    I have a feeling that that website is a bit biased and probably received money to recommend registry cleaners on their site...

    I see that they are all paid..

    IMO Registry cleaning is good, but unlike what some companies say it is not going to fix all your problems, or speed up your PC by 200%....

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    Default Re: The best registry cleaner?

    The best registry cleaner is Regedit - Delete.
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