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    Default FONT - MS Sans serif font


    How can I install MS sans Serif.FON to operate in MS Word?

    I have it ok in Excel 97 but it is not an option in Word.

    Also - Is this available as a TTF file rather than FON format. I would think that would solve this paricular problem

    Many TIA


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    Default Re: FONT - MS Sans serif font

    Your computer may be set to hide them, comes up fine in word97 for me.
    Goto the fonts control panel
    Click view menu, folder options, trueType tab.
    Turn off the check box.

    Because this is a bitmap font I wouldn't recomend using it anyway as it will probably print funny, and is not resizable like truetype / postscript fonts.

    As for downloading a truetype version, you are probably better off changing to another font.

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