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    Default Supression Orders


    A rugby player rapes someone, is guilty and even then it is not public knowledge?
    Because it would hurt his career? Seriously, is the rape of a person less important than his career?
    Surely rapists and such should be on a record like in the states?

    The cop rape scandals, the jury did not know the guys were already in prison for rape... If they did, they'd probably have set the record straight in that matter too.

    So if a child molester kidnaps and rapes a kid, serves 8 years, comes out and does it again, will the jury not know that he has done it before? And on the basis of a slight doubt let the guy go?

    Can someone explain why we have such things?
    There are many things that should be public knowledge. You could be living next to a murderer, rapist or P maker, do you not have the right to know this?

    Yes, these people will be discriminated against as they deserve to be.

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    Default Re: Supression Orders

    Imagine if everyone knew P$ was the muso who directed the young ladies hand to his genitals?

    Not that I can see how that is an offense, I thought that was how you picked up chicks.

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