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    Default Electrical question

    Have bought a 19"LCD tv for camper. It has a 230 vac in and 12 vdc out power supply rectifier I suppose.
    I am worried about when the battery on the camper gets flat and the tv could get unstable votage.
    Which of the 2 options should I use

    1. Run power supply from inverter in bus when input volts gets down it squeals and if left shuts down.

    2. Connect tv direct to on-board 12 vdc battery and monitor with voltmeter.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Default Re: Electrical question


    Could do either I guess. It would depend on what internal circuitry the LCD has. For instance, many products accept a voltage source from, say, 8-18V DC and simply regulate it to 5v or whatever with internal circuitry.

    I would be inclined to connect it up straight to the battery and see how it goes, if it works then cool

    But then I didn't pay $$$ for the TV... If it goes pop, ...

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