We have one of these printers at a POS PC. Recently, the PC it was connected to died, we replaced it with a new HP dc5350 in to which we installed a PCIe Parallel port card (as the printer is the parallel model). Restored a backup image of the old PC to it, and everything works - except the printer.

I am tried changing port settings in the BIOS - options are ECP+EPP, Bi-Directional, and Output Only. I have tried all three. I have tried the cable it was connected to the old PC with, and a new cable. I have tried another parallel port card (admittedly of the same type). I have tried three different versions of Epson's print drivers for this printer.

I variously get "Not Available" and "User Intervention Required" as the status.

If I install it was a Generic Text Printer, it prints from basic windows apps, like Notepad - but the POS application we use specifically prints to the Epson driver port, so sadly this workaround is no good - aside form that, it doesn't feed the correct blank lines etc in the receipt.

Does anyone have any experience with, or thoughts on, getting this printer to work, under Windows XP, with the Epson drivers? Thanks.