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Thread: Xgrid for PC?

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    Default Xgrid for PC?

    Hey I was wondering is there something like Xgrid for pc?
    I know that it might be something like Load Balancing is in Windows Server.
    But I want to set it up with XP and Vista. To be able to cut down how long it takes to encode and rencode videos.
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    I did not think of that.
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    Loving the quote! "I... Did not think of that"

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    Default Re: Xgrid for PC?

    "Xgrid is a proprietary software program and distributed computing protocol developed by the Advanced Computation Group subdivision of Apple Inc that allows networked computers to contribute to a single task. "

    Er, yes, like those programs you see about - Seti at home etc......
    No idea what you'd need....have you googled?

    Why not just get a superfast CPU, the latest Extreme CPU.haha.
    wipe your paws.

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