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    Default laptop overheating

    piss me off.............laptop overheat very often.......
    even in a cold winter like shuts it self down.......
    how can i check if software or hardware causing thle issue??

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    Default Re: laptop overheating

    Check the event log for errors/critical events that have occured when you laptop shuts down itself.

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    Default Re: laptop overheating

    What surface are you using the notebook on? Get speedfan and see what temp the CPU is running at before the notebook shuts down. You may need to take the notebook to a tech to get the heatsink/fan cleaned out, often it gets clogged with dust after a few years and airflow around the heatsink gets restricted to a point where the CPU keeps heating up until it shuts itself down to prevent damage.
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    Default Re: laptop overheating

    Software wouldn't cause the problem, unless something was running the CPU at 100% all the time, AND the CPU didn't have proper cooling.

    So your problem could be:

    1) Dust
    2) Failed/faulty fan or fan controller
    3) dried up or otherwise failed thermal interface material

    Using something like Speedfan you should be able to find out if the CPU is too hot and if the fan is running properly.
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