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    Default TV Tuner for WHS

    Another WHS question... lol

    Does anyone know of a TV tuner card that supports WHS (aka Server 2003)? They all seem to only support desktop OSs.

    I'd prefer PCI but would be able to do USB at a push

    If there isn't one, would it be possible to have it stream from an XP VM, while still having a reasonable resolution (above 640x480 preferably)??

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    Default Re: TV Tuner for WHS

    haven't actually done it with my WHS - as I have a seperate media Center PC - only have movies available from WHS, playing on the Media Center.

    BUT found This list of cards -- many manufactures wont list all available OS's -- Spose, as Server 2003 is really server software, not for watching TV
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    Default Re: TV Tuner for WHS

    I have a couple of Hauppauge Nova-S Plus cards in my WHS.
    I use the TV Server part of Mediaportal to tune in & record the Freeview Satellite channels.
    I then have the Mediaportal client part installed on all the other PCs/laptops in the house so they can all be used to watch/record live TV and play back recorded TV.
    The Hauppauge drivers installed sweet as on WHS.
    Mediaportal on the other hand required a bit of hacking to get it installed as it requires WMP11, which you can't just install on WHS/server 2003.

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    Default Re: TV Tuner for WHS

    Gidday guys,

    Sorry to dredge up a month old thread...

    But I am attempting to do what you guys have done - but with little success.

    My WHS is brand new with dual core processors, 3Gig of RAM and 2 TB of storage space. Works really well.

    So I figured it would be nice to have a DVB-S card in the WHS to record TV and then play it back to the other networked PCs. So I googled for a few days and bought a Hauppauge Win-TV Nova-S Plus PCI card and installed it in the WHS. All drivers installed Ok and I can get a picture via composite input from my Freeview decoder....

    BUT... I cannot get Win TV to tune to the Optus D1 bird... I am sure I have tried all LNB settings, but I must be missing something. I know that the signal is coming out of the coax right beside my PC, as the DSE decoder gets a 100% signal. I have tried duplicating the setup there, but am clearly doing something wrong!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for setting up the Win-TV software to work with Freeview?


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