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    Default Win 2000 server Millenium client Satnet internet connection sharing

    We have a small network with a win 2000 server as a domain controller, all clients are millenium, in one client there is a satnet card for the internet.
    the IP address for the network is -, the sat card must be set to the PC it is in is set to (these have been reserved in the scope of the DHCP server) we have set the gateway to for the internet on the clients and loaded ISC to the client with the sat card in it, but cannot get the rest of the clients to access the net.

    Ihug are unable to help us.

    any ideas


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    Default Re: Win 2000 server Millenium client Satnet internet connection sharing

    hi Christine,

    can you ping an internet host by IP address from one of the clients? If so you need to check the DNS settings on the clients, and check the DNS proxy option is ticked on the server. Have you entered the gateway and DNS server entries in the DHCP scope, or entered them manually on the clients? If on the DHCP server, have you made the clients release and renew their leases to get the new settings? I have not worked with windows ME, but is it possible that the DHCP settings are overiding you manual entries? Perhaps you might want to set all the ip configuration manually, rather than leaving the computer on DHCP, with a manual gateway, until you're sure the ICS side is working correctly. Also check things like the ICS service is running on the server. I really suggest you move the satnet card to a computer running a more robust OS like W2K. For security reasons I suggest you don't use the same box as the file server, you can then use the port restrictions on the internal ethernet card to provide some degree of security to the internal network. I suggest you investigate a fully fledged firewall if this is a corporate environment.

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