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    Default System Tray !!!

    Have had a killer time working out why processor usage at 85%+ and can't defrag - drive contents changed. Something on Sys Tray (bottom left) has been culprit.
    Went to extrems as formatting HD. Arrrr.
    Usgae has dropped but Outlook Express still very slow though. Any ideas?

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    If you can't defrag boot to safemode and do it there (hit f8 on reboot) If your using win98 run msconfig/startup tab to see what programs are loading at startup and uncheck a few you think might be the culprit.
    Also running system monitor might give you an idea and check what your system resources percentage is.

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    Another idea may be to giveup outlook express and try netscape communicator 4.7. outlook express is virus paradise and may let in and run VBS viruses that suck your resources.

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