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    Default network neighbourhood icon disapears

    I have recently had problems with my system, the hard drive failed, it was replaced under warranty, and windows reinstalled. The first reinstall had major problems (three windows directories), so it has been reinstalled again. Everything seems better this time, but the network neighbourhood icon is nowhere to be seen.

    I have had a network card but this is presently not in the box, and there are some issues with my sound card yet to be resolved, but i dont see how this should affect one icon in windows.

    Does anybody know how to get the icon to appear? The network window is available through the control panel, but i want the icon.

    Might this point to deeper problems?


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    Default Re: network neighbourhood icon disapears

    There are a couple of ways to approach this, one of which will hopefully work. Do you have tweakui installed. If so there is the option to show\hide the icon on the desktop. Another way is to use poledit (system policy editor).

    This page explains how to remove the icons so just do the opposite. It also gives info about installing poledit & tweakui if you don't have these already.

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