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    Default Mobile phone - store names on phone or sim ?

    Hi Guys
    I have a Motorola Phone with Vodaphone.
    I am pretty sure I will change to 2degrees.
    I have some of my contact numbers store don Sim and some on Phone.
    I am not sure why.
    I suppose it would be best to store them on my phone as I will be getting a new sim card !
    What do you do ? what do you think ?

    PS - this is cheaper than paying a dollar to call Egypt !
    So what colour is your Adkaf?
    Have you joined Proud to Be Kiwi yet?

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    Default Re: Mobile phone - store names on phone or sim ?

    Both.. I do but my fone has no PC software to copy to and from. If you can copy them back it doesn't matter..

    Paul W
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    Default Re: Mobile phone - store names on phone or sim ?

    The best option is if you can edit and store your phone list via your PC and Outlook. When my old phone decided to get up close and personal with the roadway (and came off decidedly second) I got myself a Moto RAZR V3 - end of storage problems, and data easily transferred if ever I decide to change phones again.

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    Default Re: Mobile phone - store names on phone or sim ?

    Purchase a transfer cable off TradeMe for your phone and backup everything to your computer. With your new sim card, you can sync the records back again.

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