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    Default DVD drive SATA / IDE in Vista / XP problem.

    A year ago when I was in Manilla, I bought a new Samsung SATA dvd writer. Bought it back home, went to plug it into my desktop and realised I should have an IDE. Found an IDE - Sata converter, plugged it in and away it went.
    However, when I put a cd or dvd in, the little green working light goes for about 5 seconds, then the red hard drive working light starts up and goes continuously for maybe 20 minutes before it shows anything on the screen.
    I have two hard drives. Vista on one, XP the other. If I bootup in XP the dvd drive goes as expected, very fast and no waiting time. Its only the Vista one that causes probs. I was thinking of buying another unit and getting an IDE, but why should this one go ok in XP. Makes me wonder if its Vista causing the problem and not the IDE - Sata thingy.
    Anyone experienced this type of prob, or have any suggestions.
    Cheers guys n girls.
    It's so much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem.

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    Default Re: DVD drive SATA / IDE in Vista / XP problem.

    Hasn't the board got a spare SATA connector that you can plug the Drive into?

    Most boards (except VERY old ones) usually have a couple of sata connectors.

    Boards I have here that are 4+ years old have both IDE & at least 2 sata.

    It could be the connector card simply doesn't have or aren't available drivers that work in Vista.

    I have one PC that has Vista that throws a big wobbly if I plug in an additional IDE expansion card.( wanted extra IDE ports for more drives)

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