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    Default HP Battery Replacement

    Hey guys,

    I am looking to replace my current laptop battery for the laptop: HP Pavillion DV2000 series with tag of DV2307TX. The current battery holds no charge and dies within about 2 minutes (yes it literally does - even timed it).

    SO I was wondering which type of battery would you replace it with? I am looking to buy a better battery, one with more capacity. The current one only holds 4400 so maybe somewhere around the 8800 mark would be coool.

    If you could help out that would be really appreciated.


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    Default Re: HP Battery Replacement

    You buy one with the same specifications as the old one.
    Batteries die. 2 Years is about it usually.
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: HP Battery Replacement

    wow my batteries must be awesome then if that is true
    Quote Originally Posted by nedkelly View Post
    I did not think of that.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Error Guy View Post
    Loving the quote! "I... Did not think of that"

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    Default Re: HP Battery Replacement

    The sounds like a fairly recent one. Check the warranty on the battery. HP is pretty good with that.

    If it's out of warranty... you can get third party batteries from It's just a matter of searching.

    If you want the real-deal, then the first place to go back to is HP. Just quote the part number (this will be someplace on the battery).

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: HP Battery Replacement

    You could try here I have dealt with them before they seem reasonable

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