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    Hello everyone
    My friend wants sky in another rrom of his house and so far this is what i've done.
    I've brought and installed 2.4ghz AV sender
    Its the first one. Don't bother clicking the picture, because it just sends you it the home page annoyingly.

    Anyway I can see picture on both TV's with sound no problems there. The only problem is i can't get the remote extender to work. It says it has a built in extender.

    Any ideas Why?

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    There will be a receiver and and an emitter part. One part you point your remote at and the other you place on the IR window on the front of the sky box. Perhaps the emitter isnt in the right place?

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    Sky IR codes are notoriously hard to do anything with, but should work.

    +1 for checking the emitter part.

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    Ah will try

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