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    Default Content Advisor won't go away.

    I have the exact same problem as described below by Robert Peart 01/07/2000 in your Tipworld. Unfortunately the answer given to Robert didn't seem to help. I'm so frustrated by this that I've changed to using Opera. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
    Content Adviser won't go away
    Relates to: Internet Explorer 5.x
    Every time I start up Internet Explorer 5 or a help application that uses IE 5, the following warning message appears: 'Content Advisor. Please check your Content Advisor settings for missing information.

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    Default Disabling Content Advisor

    This behavior can occur if the Ratings.pol file is damaged or corrupted, or if there is another Ratings.pol file located in the C:\Windows folder.

    To resolve this issue, create a new Ratings.pol file. First, quit Internet Explorer and check your Windows\System folder to see if a ratings.pol file exists (NOTE: You must be able to view hidden files to view the Ratings.pol file). If there is a Ratings.pol file, rename it to Ratings.old.

    If there is no Ratings.pol file, start Internet Explorer, click Cancel to close the error message, and then click Internet Options on the Tools menu. Click the Content tab, and then click Settings in the Content Advisor area. Type the Supervisor password, and then click OK.

    If you do not know or have forgotten the Supervisor password, then the Content Advisor can be disabled via the Registry. From the Start menu click on Run, type Regedit and press OK. Navigate to the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Policies\Ratings] and delete the entry 'Key'=...

    This should disable the Content Advisor and remove the warning message.

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    Default Re: Disabling Content Advisor

    Just like to thank Tristan for his advice on getting rid of contents advisor as it has been driving me nuts. So thanks mate.
    Regards Richie

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