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    Default Flickering screen

    While scrolling down (or up) when there is a banner on the screen the whole screen flickers. As soon as the banner is off screen the flickering stops.
    This only happens on my celeron 400 computer with 16meg voodo video card 128mb ram. Where should I start fiddling to try and stop this irritation? Thanks for any help.
    That was my original post. One reply suggested experimenting with the refresh rate. I have tried this without success. any other ideas? David

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    hi David,
    your directx version or your video card drivers may be out of date. When I had an old version of ddrawex.dll on my system the symptoms were exactly this. Directx 8a is available on the microsoft site. will have video card drivers..

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    Thanks anon. Directx update changed the flicker to a slight judder which is quite easy to live with. I may have to upgrade my vidio card to smooth things out completely.

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