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    Default Webpages not loading when using laptop

    I've tried searching for this problem but can't find anything so here's hoping someone can help.

    I've got a Compaq Presario A900 laptop connected to the internet through a wireless modem and until about a week ago, I've not had any problems connecting and viewing web pages. In the past week or so I can connect and open web pages (I'm using Firefox, the latest version), but within half an hour, usually sooner, when I go to post a message on an online forum or just view another web page, I get this message (I was trying to log on to my web mail with Paradise at the time):

    "The file jar:file:///C:Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/chrome/en-GB.jar!/locale/browser-region/ cannot be found. Please check the location and try again."

    I got this message on my desktop PC a few months ago when trying to log onto Stuff and when I rang Paradise the guy I spoke to said it was a problem at their end, that sometimes when they updated things they reset the address for Stuff incorrectly, which meant no one using that as their homepage could open it. He went away and was gone for ages, but when he got back he said to leave it for half an hour and it should be fine by then - and it was.

    However, surely this problem would be occurring on my desktop as well as my laptop - and as I'm sending this through the desktop, it obviously isn't.

    Windows had a diagnostic thing that came up on the laptop and it said the firewall could be causing problems. I have Comodo loaded on there but for some reason the Windows firewall was still operating. I disabled it (turned it off or whatever) and restarted the laptop but I got the same error message when I tried to load a web page. The connection icon is showing on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and it says it is connected, but the pages drop out when I try and post anything or go to another page, or they won't load in the first place.

    I don't know if this would have any bearing on the problem, but a fortnight ago some friends came around with a laptop they'd been loaned for an overseas trip. They wanted to see if it would detect wireless networks so they tried it with mine. Unfortunately it kept connecting then dropping the connection on their laptop. I didn't change any settings on my desktop or laptop while they were trying this.

    Hopefully someone will have experienced this problem before and will be able to help me fix it as it's really annoying! During winter I use the laptop more than the desktop as I can sit by the fire and surf the net rather than heading into a cold study, so I'd like it fixed please!
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