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    Default Network printer won't print....

    I have 2 computers a Athlon 1 Ghz and a P-166 MMX, and they are networked through an ethernet card with print and file sharing enabled and TCP/IP protocal installed. Each computer has it's own printer, connected to the athlon an HP 840C and to the P166 a Lexmark 1020. Problem arrise when I try to print stuff on my new comp with the Lexmark 1020, it gives me an msg say 'cannot open file' or something. My P 166 can print off the HP just fine...

    so any if u have ideas please let me know.... Thx

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    Default Re: Network printer won't print....

    Question have you installed the printers ie through Start/settings/printers click add printer

    How is the printer attached?to your computer local printer or network printer select (network printer) then using the network neighborhood Search & select the printer on the (166)the (Lexmark 1020) and then the same for the Athon (HP 840C)

    Hope this helps

    Ro ger

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    Default Re: Network printer won't print....

    hi Jeff,
    ensure you are using the latest lexmark drivers, as this is a common cause of network printing problems. Check you have a decent amount of free space on the machine with the lexmark attached for it to create it's spool file. Also try adjusting the spooler settings on the printer driver (both ends), something about 'RAW' blah blah. It's been ages since I used wintendo and delt with hardware so I can't be sure of how it's labeled. I think the print job can be spooled on either the host or the client, try some toggling. Hope this vague info helps...

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    Default Re: Network printer won't print....

    Toss the lexmark 1020, it will not successfully network print, I have tried several times on different networks with no luck for this particular printer.
    OR try IBM for a reply (IBM owns Lexmark)

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