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    Default Re: Mobile Phone repair

    Quote Originally Posted by Digby View Post
    That is an interesting comment. Due to our high wages (sic, dur) it is not economic to fix anything electronic here in NZ.

    The poster implies that in Asia it is possible to get mobile phones repaired for a reasonable price.
    I gotta agree with him. Phone repair is cheap in places like Singapore. And I don't think the wages there are any worse off than out here.

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    Default Re: Mobile Phone repair

    Quote Originally Posted by Bantu View Post
    Can anyone recommend a place that can fix a Nokia cellphone?

    Nokia in Kyber Pass Rd refuse to have anything to do with it as it is a Hong Kong phone. They would not even take a look at it.

    Phone is a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic which has a virus and will not stay turned on.

    Also I would like the faceplate changed. It is quite a complex phone being a slider model so changing it is no easy task.
    If you have bought the mobile through nokia hong kong then I can have that fix for you since I sell models imported from Nokia HK.

    I will be sending two mobiles back to nokia hk for warrranty repairs so if you wanna join the fun then PM me.

    But there will be postage charges and I will call you if nokia wants to charge a fee repairing the phone
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    Default Re: Mobile Phone repair

    search mobile phone repair in the Yellow pages website

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    Default Re: Mobile Phone repair

    Quote Originally Posted by R2x1 View Post
    It coughs a lot and thinks it is dying.

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    Default Re: Mobile Phone repair

    Would a virus really do that to a phone? or would faulty board be more likely...
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