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  1. Re: Muahahahahahahaha - England lost their pathetic crown!

    I agree Argintina deserves huge credit!! as do Fiji. I get a bit sad when I here other Kiwis bagging other teams especially when we did worse. I think the AB's are the best but on the day they...
  2. having probs with usb hard drive reading as a network stick

    :(my usb stick and my usb hard drive are showing as pictures as networks. I don't know what's happened and just discovered that my d drive partition has done the same. Any clues to rectify?
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    Installing a game onto Vista Machine

    Hello folks. I'm hoping someone can help with not being able to install a game onto my laptop. It's a Twin Cam 1600 Sony Vaio running Vista. The bloody thing keeps telling me, "you have no authority...
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