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  1. Re: VLC Media Player not playing youtube videos

    Good news,

    A friend emailed me
    from there I found 2 or 3 other videos and managed to get a new luac file which I put in the appropriate place in my...
  2. VLC Media Player not playing youtube videos

    Hi folks,
    anyone know how to fix my VLC Media Player please?

    The issue is that it will not stream (play) any file directly from

    To do so I used to open the program, click Media,...
  3. how do I close my previous post which is now resolved?

    Hi all,
    New to F1, (sort of) can't locate any way to close a thread I opened, or to mark it as resolved so Admin can close it.

    Any clues please?
  4. Re: Audio dialogue drowned by audio music

    The Good news is that this has now resolved.

    I used Speccy and Belarc to diagnose my Audio, then went to my Motherboard manufacturer (Gigabyte) then searched for and downloaded the zip file of...
  5. Audio dialogue drowned by audio music

    Hi all,
    Having major issues with the sound on my Win10 PC.

    Recently updated the O/S when prompted by system to the latest (1309) as mine was from June 2018, also updated my video card drivers...
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    svchost.exe hogs cpu on start up

    Running win2k with dial up 56k internet, so NOT always connected.
    All fine until just recently the PC is having one of the 4 running svchost.exe processes hogging between 98 and 100% of CPU...
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    Re: CD burner wont

    Thanks for you interest speedy. The good news is that I successfully burnt a CD with data from my hard drive yesterday.

    Disabling the Windows built in IMAPI service device fixed it for me. Just...
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    CD burner wont

    :illogical running Nero, WinXP and a CDRW.
    CDRW used to work fine. Have recently replaced mobo and Primary IDE drive with a Sata drive. All works fine. Can read CD's but unable to write CD's....
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