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    Re: Smashed Samsung phone.

    Some of your content maybe stored on the removable SIM cards?
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    Re: RIP: A Death has occurred in the family.

    My own memories of the 1440 were not so favourable.
    Might be to do with the humidity up here, but paper jams were a constant bother, and it could totally concertina a sheet of paper up into it's...
  3. Re: Two of the four elements donít work properly on my stove

    The irony to piroska's correct assertion about Legionella is the new set of rules about cylinder temp and output water temps.

    Fact: If cylinders are too cool they can be a breeding ground for...
  4. Re: Two of the four elements donít work properly on my stove

    Barry, it's screamingly obvious your hot water system is leaking somewhere. Stop fretting about the thermostat or the element, or the electrics.

    There are two very primary places to start your...
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    Re: Sorting music on PC

    Isn't it possible to add other columns to the Explorer view to include Genre, Playlength, Album, Artist? If so, you may be able to sort on those columns, and hopefully once the stick is transferred...
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    Re: In case of boredom over winter . . .

    I was so impressed with Doom, and so relieved to finally break free from the 2D scrolling games that I made a point to buy the full versions from their shareware stuff, even if I had obtained it by...
  7. Thread: Husband

    by Paul.Cov

    Re: Husband

    I think I've got a digital copy of what you need here. I emailed DIA in prep for my mums passing, and they have a digital form, but they don't make it available online for some @#$% knows why reason....
  8. Thread: HDD drop outs

    by Paul.Cov

    Re: HDD drop outs

    Cable was my first pick, but maybe also power saving features are letting the drive spin down, and it's maybe a bit dicky about spinning back up in a reasonable time.
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    Re: Freeing Evergiven

    Oh, food was no problem. Just need a few loaves and fishes in the pantry, and *poof* - food and beverage problems solved.
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    Re: Freeing Evergiven

    It won't be a problem at the Suez - once the water level rises the canal will get miles and miles wider than it is currently ;)
    Just gotta beware running into submerged buildings and the odd...
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    Re: Electric car gutted by fire

    Yeah, I've seen that claim.
    I'm still a little hessitant to take it as a solid statistic, given the bulk of Teslas fleet are only a few years old, whereas most of the petrol cars going up in flames...
  12. Re: What have you done with your old film prints and negatives?

    I don't feel any passion towards family photos.
    I have no kids to pass any history onto. Old photos from my parents hold pics of people I either never knew, or were so rarely met that I don't give a...
  13. Re: How Long Will EV charging Remain At A Low Price?

    Actually, I've seen it stated that the only good way to extinguish a lithium battery fire is water.... lots and lots of water to a) remove the heat, and b) flood out the air feeding the fire.
  14. Re: How Long Will EV charging Remain At A Low Price?

    Any decent EV has strong thermal management of the battery pack, plus a dedicated Battery Management System, which manages temperature, charge rate, and the overall levels of charge/discharge allowed...
  15. Re: How Long Will EV charging Remain At A Low Price?

    Actually, many EVs still have a drivetrain comprising a single speed gearbox, differential and half shafts, so likely also some universal joints in there too.
    The advantage of motors on the wheels...
  16. Re: How Long Will EV charging Remain At A Low Price?

    Well, in the USA where much of their electricity is from coal or oil it would be expected that prices will have to trend upwards.
    However, in the case of the link re ptrol companies, you need to...
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    Re: Auckland motel?

    If you're ok with a no frills setup, then North Shore Motels and Holiday Park wiil have options... a bunkroom being the lowest tier (no toilet or TV or cooking within the room), but they have lots of...
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    Re: Website Host Recommendations?

    I've been with Domains4Less, and I've had the same experience where a screw-up at the accounts dept leads to a week of the site being down, and being locked out of emails.
    The techs would...
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    Re: how to print white on coloured paper

    Yeah, printer ink works differently than combining coloured lights, where mixing red, green and blue give you white light (additive mixing). Ink and paint work on subtractive mixing, where red ink...
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    Re: Burning head from anxiety?

    My anxiety issues gave me the shakes. I was given a very, very short course of Clonazepam, which was wonderful stuff. It seems it has potential for abuse (recreational), as it was like having a...
  21. Re: Specsavers: "We could all do with a spare pair."

    If that trip to the workshop involved walking over any lawn, then you need to scour that ground ASAP, coz mowers are excellent at finding lost specs... finding and destroying that is.

    On top of...
  22. Thread: Google Earth

    by Paul.Cov

    Re: Google Earth

    Even the simpler Google Maps can handle coordinates, and you don't need the degrees symbol, it seems to figure it out if you just put a space between the degrees, minutes and seconds. Just type it...
  23. Thread: Haka in NZ

    by Paul.Cov

    Re: Haka in NZ

    A haka at rugby will be a yawn when viewed from the spectator area. The TV will give you far better coverage.
    Agree that Rotorua would likely be your best option, and best yet if done indoors, on a...
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    Re: Vaccine for Covid not the Complete Solution

    Agreed. I'd rather let others be the guinnea pigs before subjecting myself to it. This is however tempered by the fact that I can now largely self isolate fairly well.
    If I was still working (which...
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    Re: OK, your thoughts on this

    Allegedly there's a green light for medical use regardless of which way the referendum goes. It's just got some inertia as the docs need to get upskilled and an attitude shift with respect to...
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