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  1. Thread: Gulp!

    by kahawai chaser

    Re: Gulp!

    Pockets help for placing jewelry or watch in it. I was diving for mussels once, and my Seiko dive watch was catching on rocks and seaweed.
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    Re: Wordpress hosting

    In addition to Googler Blogger, their is also the little known Google Sites which has returned. Wix is another easy website builder which seems to become popular.
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    Re: What an absolute waste of money!

    Well China just built a Carrier, So USA needs a better or newer Carrier maybe to show case it. Never mind the cost, Maybe its about presence, when in likely travels to South Korea.
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    Re: Wordpress hosting

    I created many blogs with the easy to use Google Blogger and using free hosting. It was always compared to the more advanced WordPress, because of its plethora of plug Ins and near likeness to a...
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    Re: How to defeat Google?

    Google might think a device is always new if the device, or websites are regularly cleaned of ads, cookies and other markers..
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    Re: Excel help please

    I did similar years back using test data against dates and to increase values by dragging downward. The dollar sign is used in the formula to set up absolute, relative cell reference then drag/fill...
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    Re: No network or wi-fi adaptor found

    I had a similar issue few years back. Telecom broadband was down, so I used my mob phone as a modem. HP netbook, and the data connection worked good until broadband-WIFI came back on, No go with the...
  8. Re: Dropbox ... or is there something easier / safer ??

    I use to FTP Files to a web space. I think you can setup FTP on Windows to make your own server for large files for others to access.
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    Re: Using cellphones while driving

    Maybe get the telco's involved to somehow ban offenders from using their services, e.g. texting. I think many youth use messenger, hence Meta could impose restrictions too.
  10. Re: Using Powerline network device and router to extend wireless range

    Maybe a new Router? I just bought a 'Mesh" D link router from PB Tech with extended Antennas. Tech recommended it. Apparently can easily add nodes or routers for even better coverage. Can setup...
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    Re: Where to buy 4mm thick plywood?

    I use my belt sanders and planers to shave boards thinner, sometimes with jigs I made. Noisy and messy though. Or ask wood working shop to use their stand planer or jointer.
  12. Thread: Husband

    by kahawai chaser

    Re: Husband

    My condolences too. Just got back to the forum. Do like reading your threads, and recall the chainsaw one and husband if I'm right. As for DIA wanting ex wives info can help in family tree building...
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    Re: Mower recommendations -

    Changing the small blades from the disc can be cumbersome, had to mess about with gas torch, file, and vice grips. Also the disc /carrier centre hole for crank bolt can crack making the hole bigger....
  14. Re: Watta Clever remote controlled mains switch

    Understand, as I do stuff in my workshop too, with heaps of power tools, but need a auto way tb boil a simple jug of water for coffee, when in workshop. Seem to prolong or forget these days to...
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    Re: Where does the electricity go?

    I have a few flat batteries that i'm testing to try restore during lock down. Often a cell goes weak/bad, i.e. forms lead sulfate. Hence reading of 10.4 or so volts. loses about 2.1 V. Many ways to...
  16. Re: Watta Clever remote controlled mains switch

    I seen on ebay similar wireless plugs but controlled by Apps, Google, Voice, Alexa, etc.
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    Re: LED bulbs

    Maybe the shape or style of the led can help, i.e the dispersion of the light. Corn style bulbs, and the no and size of each led embedded might make a difference. compared to a bulb style single led...
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    Re: Why School English Matters

    At HS we were loaded with Poems and Shakespeare to recite and analyse. This included reading books from UK Shakespearean actor Paul Scofield. I can still recite four verses of The Rhyme of the...
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    Re: Covid-19 - Self Isolate

    I noticed that many eBay sellers from China are on "leave". Also some items I have ordered, though been marked as shipped should have arrived last week or two but have not...
  20. Re: The great Aussie icon - The Holden Brand

    Helped a mate recently replace strut and window regulator on a German Volkswagen Gulf 2.8 4-Motion hatchback. Over engineered for sure. One of the more difficult and time consuming jobs to do,...
  21. Re: The great Aussie icon - The Holden Brand

    The old Belmont our family had around 73.I think it was a 186? Then the 3 geared - I think Kingswood. For car manufacture's is it Ford just Ford. Whereas as Big USA greedy GM had bought and disrupted...
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    Re: KeyWords Are they still a thing?

    But Google no longer uses meta keywords for ranking signal, unless if quality content matches those keywords. I recall one of their chief SEO engineers bought out a video talking about it. SEO Pro...
  23. Re: The elemental curiosity of attempting to force Te Reo on the populace ...

    Wonder if maori is broadcasted to let foreigners know it is the official (supposedly) language in NZ. Many older school/senior generational kiwi's are more likely to reject it, - as evident in our...
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    Re: Huawei Nova 5T dual sim phone

    The catch? None - other than their lead up to bait advertising. They have been warned by CC previously. Stuff article here.They claim they were honest mistakes...
  25. Re: New CD player needed to hook up with existing speakers - not confident!

    Spotify Premium is what I use with a assortment of different size bluetooth speakers. Hand Held to large floor speaker. Threw out our Panasonic 5 disc mid size stereo and speakers after some were...
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