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  1. Re: PressF1 member of the year award 2007 - nomination

    :badpc: Wainuitech - Superb advice, and quality support.
    :waughh: Speedy - What needs to be said that hasnt already been said.
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    What ever become of Speedy/Mod?

    question, i know i rarely post threads etc on here but i do read them frequently.
    My question is.. What ever become of the speedy mod vote?
    I still see him with a member status under his un so im...
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    Re: Speedy, a HijackThis log for you

    This is speedy's Dr. Please be patient whilst he recovers from the initial shock of this log.
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    Re: Display Driver keeps uninstalling itself!

    did the laptop come with any software .eg driver software
    the ati is an onboard device and you cant install the drivers without the 'correct software' ie not through device manager.
    whats the model...
  5. Re: Building A new PC, maybe I shouldve let the pros do it?????

    sure do :)
    we even have mcdonald's :nerd:
  6. Re: Building A new PC, maybe I shouldve let the pros do it?????

    i dont usually post replies to here as im an aussie that usually reads and gains knowledge through here. but theres one thing you havent meantioned in your posts , have you applied heat sinc...
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