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  1. Re: Office 365 A-pplications will not open after Win update

    Yes I got all the prompts about Safe mode and repair on all Word, Excel Outlook etc.

    On the "positive" side the Uninstall and Reinstall was comparatively quick this time -less than 1 hour
  2. Office 365 A-pplications will not open after Win update

    I am on Win 10 64 bit Build 1903 I always take all updates.
    After the most recent one for the 3rd time this year I cannot start any Office 365 programmes except OneNote.
    I have tried MS Apps...
  3. Re: Deleteing Avast free antivirus from my windows10 h/drive.

    I use IObitUninstaller which seems to be very good a detecting residual or leftovers
    I used Avast briefly in 2012 then got rid of it. Various forums posts seems to have a history of struggles...
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    Re: ? System Restore in Windows 10

    I am on Win 10 Build `1903. On Sunday 1 Sept I got 2 Win updates. Result I could not open any of my Office 365 Home applications.
    I tried System Restore and selected a Restore point which said...
  5. Thread: 12pm is when??

    by Neil F

    Re: 12pm is when??

    All of the above comments make me glad that where possible the 24 hour clock is used (I always reset y phone and computer and (where possible) clocks /watches to reflect this .
    00 is midnight ...
  6. Re: Setting up an Iphone 7Plus after using an Abndroid phone

    Update . psycik I followed your suggestions - got a QR code scanner and now have WhatsApp operating on my laptop.
    I also downloaded Rova - a bit different in layout from my old scenario but I...
  7. Re: Setting up an Iphone 7Plus after using an Abndroid phone

    Many thanks for the great detailed instructions chiefnz.
    I shall follow them

    psycik -thanks for radio stations guidance. I'll try I heart again and also have a look at rova
    I shall look for a...
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    Re: It Used To Be - the American influence

    Comment. The forum is supposed to be an exchange of ideas NOT a slanging match. Thanks Piroska for the history lesson -great information .
    We have individual choice. Being a bit of a "stick in the...
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    Re: What a silly move

    Does anyone remember Multiplex (the wonder idea)? Back in late 1980s or early 1990s we had it. Problem was if one end fails all fail.
    We had a recurring problem many days. Worked fine then next...
  10. Setting up an Iphone 7Plus after using an Abndroid phone

    I had an ancient Samsung Galaxy S2 (new in 20130 but was recently offered by a client a spare phone. I gratefully accepted but then found out it was an Apple phone.
    With help I have overcome...
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    News Media and Political Surveys

    I am heartily sick of various news outlets "the latest Colmar Brunton etc poll shows xx leadership is under threat.
    National has risen/fallen x points."
    I am an old person and has never been ...
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    Re: Supposed updated Versions

    Hi Wainui and 1101.
    A typo on my part -I do have I Tunes
    I am on Win 10 Build 1903.
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    Supposed updated Versions

    The other day Piriform Update Checker said iTunes 9.6 was available compared to my installed version 9.5-full name 9.5.7.
    I took this at face value and downloaded the update. When I went to...
  14. Thread: Monday's jokes

    by Neil F

    Re: Monday's jokes

    Jacinda walks into a Bank to cash a cheque.
    As she approaches the cashier she says, "Good morning, Ms could you please cash this cheque for me?"
    Cashier: "It would be my pleasure Sister. Could you...
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    Re: New World fight with manager - literally

    Good on you Piroska the New World Butcher's behaviour was abominable. It does not seem if you got your money back. I would report this incident to a) Foodstuffs HO and also Consumer Watch dog or...
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    Re: Has closed down?

    Piroska NB! in both my posts I stated

    I wanted backup copies on another device so if PC crashed I could reinstall the program from that without having to download it again and then reinstall. If...
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    Re: Has closed down?

    Thanks autechre.
    I shall try that site you use.
    One of the reasons that I used Filehippo was that sometimes I would spot a program I did not have and ,think "that looks interesting
    I might see if...
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    Re: Has closed down?

    There seems to have been a collective misinterpretation of what I was asking.
    I can readily access but when I click on Latest updates Tab there are none since 28 June-this is most...
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    Has closed down?

    Until recently I used File Hippo extensively to download updates to various programmes e.g C Cleaner.
    I did this because i wanted to download the program to a USB scan it for Virus threat then...
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    Re: Monday Laughs - please contribute

    (I can only assume this one must have come from an Australian......)

    A New Zealand farmer buys several sheep, hoping to breed them for wool. After several weeks, he notices that none of the...
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    Misleading Update Headers

    I know some forum members do not like this site but previously I have found it Ok.
    Recently I have noticed some weird behaviour.

    Under Latest updates various program versions are listed. ...
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    Re: Log In Background Picture goes blurry

    Thanks for the comments. As Wainui says "some bright spark at Microsoft" ---. Some of their "bright sparks" need to be drenched in cold water to stop them activating unnecessary changes.
    I also am...
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    Log In Background Picture goes blurry

    I am Win 10 64bit Build 1903.
    After upgrading to Build 1903 late last week I noticed a change in screen behaviour at login.
    When I boot up laptop my standard the last background picture ...
  24. Re: Update to Win 10 Build 1903-Installation Failed

    Thanks for last update tip, Wainui.
    YAY finally success using the Media Creation Tool and the UPgrade Now option.
    Last prior unsuccessful attempt:
    last night I downloaded the ISO file. Today I...
  25. Re: Update to Win 10 Build 1903-Installation Failed

    Thanks for guidance, Wainui and 1101`.

    Today was a work catch up.
    Hopefully I'll get adequate time to try your way tomorrow.
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