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  1. Thread: ZTE Modem

    by Misty

    Re: ZTE Modem

    Okay, thanks guys - I have just binned (mmh, maybe I should have given to the Museum of Transport and Technology).
  2. Thread: ZTE Modem

    by Misty

    ZTE Modem

    I have a ZTE modem which we have not used for quite a few years. It is 12.3 gigs in size with a USB connection, I presume USB2.
    Should I throw it in the bin, or is it of some use - eg, as a flash...
  3. Re: Have you heard of Katherine Johnson? - NASA mathematician

    I second that, Piroska! The film is excellent and even though I have not read the book, it is very often the case that the book is more thorough and more factual. "Papillon" was an outstanding...
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    Re: Skinny Wireless Broadband

    My wife and I both have Skinny - just for our cellphones and are very happy indeed. We keep not using all of our minutes and data and they just keep adding up. So we don't think twice about making...
  5. Thread: Covid jab

    by Misty

    Re: Covid jab

    Now for some positivity. My wife and I got our second covid vaccinations on Saturday. They were very well organised indeed. Our first vaccinations had not much reaction, a bit of a sore arm,...
  6. Re: My close to state of the art desktop system Intel, 8 core, reboots frequently

    Many thanks everyone, we tested lots of the ideas you suggested. In the end it certainly seems to have been the Samsung SSD, which it seems is exceedingly rare. It is only 13 months old, so will be...
  7. My close to state of the art desktop system Intel, 8 core, reboots frequently

    ............. with no blue screen. Simply restarts - seemingly after about 15/20 mins of inactivity. Tested so far are the power pack and the cooling system, without any result.

    Also just had...
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    Re: What to do with this motherboard?

    An interesting observation, Avantika, however, here on the North Shore of Auckland is a centre manned by people with disabilities, it is called "Abilities". Many times we have taken AA batteries,...
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    What to do with this motherboard?

    My wife and I are doing a clean up and in one drawer found a motherboard, with integrated graphics, in its box, which certainly looks brand new. Cannot remember the story. Probably too old to be of...
  10. Was pretty happy to use Microsoft Edge until today ........

    .........when I seem to have been hijacked! Until now, tabs showed along the top, however, with no warning whatsoever, they now appear down the left. That would not
    really be much of a problem,...
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    Re: A Savage Attack on the WOKE’s..........

    Unfortunately, BM, the longer the post, the less people (like me) are less likely to read it. It may be good to have a rant,
    but not the way to communicate, or get a view across. Reading a little...
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    Re: Internet links superseded by descriptions

    Many thanks for your help, wainui, all sorted thanks to your advice. Been slow in getting back as we are currently holidaying with our daughter and her family in Camborne. That's not far from you, as...
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    Re: Internet links superseded by descriptions

    Many thanks to both responders!

    tommy - the link didn't really work for me, however I did a search on Google as you suggested. This guy told me how to change it and it worked
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    Internet links superseded by descriptions

    Firstly, apologies, because I struggled with the wording of my title. However, to expand my problem, previously when I entered a link into a document it showed http:/ etc, etc. More recently (about...
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    How to watch the America's Cup from Aussie?

    A friend of mine, a keen yachtsman, wants to watch the Cup in Melbourne. Apparently, there is zilch television or newspaper
    coverage at the moment in Aussie. My wife and I have suggested getting...
  16. After highlighting text and then want to exit that ... big delay in response time

    For some reason, almost always when I highlight text and copy, then what happens (in almost any application
    that I can think of), when I click outside of the text to get rid of the highlighting,...
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    Re: black mould on exposed aggregate concrete

    Oxygen bleach is the recommended thing for timber(to not damage the fibres), but would work on concrete too. However, ordinary bleach should be okay, I guess, on concrete as there is less chance of...
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    Re: Here’s one for you.

    The danger in talking about "the greens", is the discussion becoming about "us and them" ....... or the "star bellied sneetches" (Dr Zeuss). People who feel that way (the Greens) are on
    a wide...
  19. Quora and suchlike ............. a pain in the **s?

    I believe I am pretty laid-back generally, though some may argue! Nevertheless, quite frequently, I ask random questions on the internet
    and often end up with good, or even *better than good*...
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    Re: I need fibre in my diet!

    We love the fibre connection that we have with Spark CYaBro, it works well! Nevertheless, I urge you also to incorporate Metamucil tablets into your diet also, two each day works for us.
    My wife...
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    Motels and dishes

    Over the years we have been to many motels. A decade or two ago, we regularly washed our dishes, but then discovered that dish-washing
    is included. So, we didn't always wash our dishes, leaving...
  22. Re: Pin a window to stay on top of other windows

    Many thanks, Bevy, just got around to trying and it is just so easy! :thanks

    That site looks interesting, Zippity, I will have a look at it on the weekend :thumbs:
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    Re: Problem with keyboard? - or something else?

    Ah, that could be it! Nevertheless, very frustrating. I like my workaround :-)
  24. Pin a window to stay on top of other windows

    It seems clear that there is no ability within Windows 10 to pin a particular window to stay on top of other windows. For instance, my wish is to pin the Task
    Manager, just at times, on top of my...
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    Re: Do you switch off before the end?

    Seven Sharp is very light, Roscoe, am sure there are much more interesting things in your life! Am worried about you, Roscoe, trimming the hedge would be much more exciting - or even a cup of tea,...
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