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    Re: Is that the end of CDs and DVDs?

    If you can hear the difference between flac and CD something is wrong somewhere, maybe it's whatever device is decoding the flac. The point of lossless compression is in the name, lossless. The...
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    Re: First timer - charcoal griller machine

    I like to use a reasonable amount of dry kindling to get the charcoal going. I get a good little blaze going under and around the stack of Charcoal and then wait for the wood to burn itself out so I...
  3. Re: MB recommendations for Intel Coffee Lake Core i9 9900KF

    Has he already gone with that CPU? personally I think for most people buying an i9 or Ryzen 9 for gaming is throwing money away that would be better spent on the graphics card.
    The i7 10700F or...
  4. Thread: Image you PC

    by dugimodo

    Re: Image you PC

    I don't think it's ever a good Idea to use old imaging software, unless you are imaging something of the same vintage (software wise not hardware). Things change, old software doesn't know how to...
  5. Re: Are there any people out there using Cat6 or Cat7 at the moment?

    I only have one cable between rooms and it's cat 5 and likely always will be, getting under my house is not for the faint of heart. For short runs and gb speeds there is no advantage you will notice.
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    Re: Light bulbs - how much wattage do you use?

    I've been using all LED for years now. I have had some failures, usually in the first few months, but the rest have all lasted years. Some of them I'm pretty sure are at least 8 years old now and...
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    Re: How to be put off vegan sausages

    It's strange to me that people who don't want to eat meat would go for products that are attempting to look and taste as much like meat as possible. Makes no sense to me.
    I guess if you really...
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    Re: VHS video to PC capture

    We forget how bad VHS is, seemed ok back in the day but put it on a modern big screen TV and it looks terrible. Pretty much any capture device can do better than VHS quality and shouldn't degrade the...
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    Re: Light bulbs - how much wattage do you use?

    As a general rule I don't like fancy light fittings. They seem to be designed to rob you of light most of the time, I never liked design that puts form over function. I have 2 single fittings in the...
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    Re: Light bulbs - how much wattage do you use?

    It was hard to find anything over 10W when I changed over to LED so almost all my bulbs are 8W or 10W LED and I'm happy with the results. The lounge could do with a bit more light but it's ok with 2...
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    Re: Screen resolution for dual monitor

    On the screen Wainui posted there's an option lower down for Multiple Displays, it needs to be set to Extend these displays for the two monitors to be independently set. If you use the duplicate...
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    Re: Reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 Bit

    Does it have a windows key on the bottom or under the battery? if so you could use it to do a clean windows 10 install.
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    Re: Second Monitor has stopped working

    Have you tried switching the monitors connections with each other?
  14. Re: Stuff streaker article- story photo is golden

    I was just referring to a previous comment about her being too young to be Lisa Lewis when I mentioned age. I don't know or care how old she is.
  15. Re: Stuff streaker article- story photo is golden

    It doesn't mention her age in that article that I can see, and everyone in the office is sure it's her.
    There is mention of an 18yr old but I think that refers to one of the previous incidents...
  16. Thread: Outlook

    by dugimodo

    Re: Outlook

    I mostly just use webmail, personally makes my life much easier. the only thing I miss is the Send to mail recipient option, but you can just drag and drop into Gmail which is almost as easy.

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    Re: Cannot change wallpaper in Windows 10

    Is windows activated? Does this problem happen both through the windows personalize menu and also when you right click on an image file and choose "set as desktop background" ?
  18. Re: Recommend a wireless access point or similar, wifi issues?

    I' guess I'm just stuck on the "doing the same job" statement. It certainly seems like having relay set on caused the problem, not arguing there.
    But even in the link you provided it still shows the...
  19. Re: Recommend a wireless access point or similar, wifi issues?

    I understand that, but it's easily diagnosed and fixed if that happens. The option to use the router as an access point is a standard function available in the setup screen, and saved in the...
  20. Re: Recommend a wireless access point or similar, wifi issues?

    No it shouldn't if I understand it correctly, there are 3 settings - On, Off, Relay, the purpose of relay is not to hand out DHCP addresses on the same subnet so it shouldn't cause problems as far as...
  21. Re: Recommend a wireless access point or similar, wifi issues?

    Just an update in case anyone is interested, I seem to have fixed the problem with a setting change.

    After settling on the solution to get a powerline adapter with wifi built in I ran into some...
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    Re: Motherboard Comparison

    You can also get a Y splitter to connect two fans to one header, and if you want to speed control them you can get them without the 4th wire to one of the fans so it only uses one fan to sense speed...
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    Re: I am sick of . . . . .

    It's only expressing those thoughts and feelings that runs the risk of offending someone, keep it to yourself and we're golden :)

    I'm Sick of...
    All men are created equal.. clearly that isn't...
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    Re: Upgrading Graphics Card

    You contradict yourself, Absolutely Definitely, BUT... Without knowing the systems specs, games played, and resolution, we can not answer 2)

    A 1070 will still play all modern games at 1080P...
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    Re: Insurance Whinge

    My Car was insured for $17000 "agreed value" with AMI a year ago which was $1k higher than they suggested because I wanted it insured for what I paid, it just renewed with $15400 "agreed value", I...
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